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    Hemostatic forceps

    High resistance to high Jingchao series of surgical instruments, patented technology, China creation, national pride of surgical instruments! Advantages: imported materials, super corrosion resistance, zero burr, zero damage, no hidden defects, no fracture risk; high consistency, high precision; patented design, easy to clean.

    1. Detailed information
    ZH108MNHemostatic forceps125,Straight mosquito,fine
    ZH109MNHemostatic forceps125,Bend the mosquito,fine
    ZH110MBHemostatic forceps125,Straight mosquito
    ZH111MBHemostatic forceps125,Bend the mosquito
    ZH144MBHemostatic forceps140,All straight
    ZH145MBHemostatic forceps160,All straight
    ZH442MBHemostatic forceps180,All straight
    ZH443MBHemostatic forceps140,Full bend
    ZH444MBHemostatic forceps160,Full bend
    ZH445MBHemostatic forceps180,Full bend