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    Curved brain suction tube

    In surgical operations, the blood, tissues and body fluids that attract the surgical site can be easily exposed; the flexible design can be used to make the rods flexible and eliminate the dead angle of the lesion"

    1. Detailed information
    ZF1458RBrain suction tube200×Ф1.5,curved
    ZF1460RBrain suction tube200×Ф2,curved
    ZF1461RBrain suction tube200×Ф2.5,curved
    ZF1001RBrain suction tube200×Ф3,curved
    ZF1462RBrain suction tube200×Ф3.5,curved
    ZF1002RBrain suction tube200×Ф4,curved
    ZF1463RBrain suction tube200×Ф4.5,curved
    ZF922RBrain suction tube200×Ф5,curved
    ZF922RNBrain suction tube200×Ф5,curved
    ZF1459RBrain suction tube260×Ф1.5,curved
    ZF1464RBrain suction tube260×Ф2,curved
    ZF1465RBrain suction tube260×Ф2.5,curved
    ZF1004RBrain suction tube260×Ф3,curved
    ZF1466RBrain suction tube260×Ф3.5,curved
    ZF1006RBrain suction tube260×Ф4,curved
    ZF1467RBrain suction tube260×Ф4.5,curved
    ZF923RBrain suction tube260×Ф5,curved
    ZF923RNBrain suction tube260×Ф5,curved