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Xinhua new hand and foot surgery instrument package product introduction

2017-07-18 08:45:48 Website Name Read

In order to meet the needs of clinical surgery, based on the original SA4, SA5, R & D personnel of our company through clinical research, the latest development of new surgical instruments and has high practical value configuration more streamlined, more excellent performance. The apparatus is mainly used for wrist fracture and carpal instability, various metacarpal fractures, hand and foot deformities, finger replantation and thumb reconstruction.

A full set of equipment kits, a total of 13 varieties, 29 specifications, 40 products. The kit has the following characteristics:

1. all the equipment adopts high-quality stainless steel, the surface of the coating without brushing the surface treatment technology, can greatly reduce the reflecting microscope, mechanical properties of products with high corrosion resistance.

2. with high resistance to high Jingchao clamp technique, zero, zero damage, no burr, no hidden risk of fracture risk, high consistency, high precision and patent design, easy to clean.

3. bone rongeur bite and shear surface treated nano ceramic technology, hardness HV2000, friction resistance, anti bumping, surface lubrication, high blood, easy cleaning, coating thick and dense, corrosion resistance is stronger, more stable, better adhesion, reduce surface reflection, reduce visual fatigue.


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