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Introduction of Xinhua special surgical instrument for ankle

2017-07-18 08:50:37 Website Name Read

Ankle surgery is a new clinical discipline. It is mainly diagnosed and treated for various diseases of the ankle and foot. Such as ankle fracture, dislocation, ligament injury, nerve injury, tendon rupture, etc..

With a large population, ankle diseases have become one of the most common diseases affecting people's lives and work. With the development of economy in our country, people have higher requirements for having a healthy pair of feet. To meet the growing demand for ankle surgery equipment, we have developed a foot and ankle surgical instrument package with clinical feedback to provide an overall solution for ankle surgery.

Xinhua instrument mainly retractor, ankle bone knife, retractor, clamp, forceps, bone curette, wire cutting, periosteal raspatory, tissue scissors, bone repositor, bone holding forceps, bone lever, medical products such as feet, a total of 19 varieties, 43 specifications.



Product codeProduct nameSpecification modelNumberCompany
ZQ2800RBBone knife200×201hold
ZQ2801RBBone knife200×151hold
ZQ2802RBBone knife200×101hold
ZQ2803RBBone knife160×81hold
ZQ2804RBBone knife160×61hold
ZQ2805RBBone knife160×41hold
ZT128RSkin retractor175×19×16,Four teeth1hold
ZT129RSkin retractor175×19×11,Three teeth1hold
ZT130RSkin retractor175×19×6,Double teeth1hold
ZT131RSkin retractor175×19×6.51hold
ZT132RSkin retractor180×7.5×4.5,Double teeth1hold
ZT563RBone lever165×6.51hold
ZT564RBone lever165×91hold
ZT565RBone lever165×151hold
ZQ993RNPeriosteal elevator190×15,Flatedge1hold
ZQ994RNPeriosteal elevator190×10,Flatedge1hold
ZQ995RNPeriosteal elevator190×8,The circular edge1hold
ZK622RRongeur180 straight,Simple joint1hold
ZQ922RBGrafting device160×Φ41hold
ZQ923RBGrafting device160×Φ81hold
ZK165RDepartment of orthopedics reduction forceps190,With the tip1hold
ZK187RBone holding forceps165mm,Ankle1hold
ZC545RBrTissue scissors160,straight1hold
ZC555RBrTissue scissors160,curved1hold
ZQ1324RDilator for Department of orthopedics230×16,Ankle1hold
ZQ1326RDilator for Department of orthopedics180×7.5,Ankle1hold
ZQ1325RDilator for Department of orthopedics170×40,Double,Ankle and Kirschner pins1hold
ZQ1545RCompression clamp180×40,Double1hold
ZK267RBone cutting pliers200×Ф2,Pointed, thick gills1hold
ZK576RRongeur160×2×20°,Elbow, double joint1hold
ZV298RLaminectomy retractor165×18,Single hook1hold
ZV081RMastoid retractor165×16,2×3钩1hold
ZQ1338RBBone curette240×3,Bakelite handle1hold
ZQ1339RBBone curette240×5,Bakelite handle1hold
ZK475RNeedle scissors240×Ф2.5  Double sided blade1hold
ZQ297RBone hammer230/250g,Bakelite handle1hold
ZQ2806RBBone knife240×8, Straight edge,Bakelite handle1hold
ZQ2807RBBone knife240×10,Straight edge,Bakelite handle1hold
ZQ2808RBBone knife240×15,Straight edge,Bakelite handle1hold
ZQ2809RBBone knife240×20,Straight edge,Bakelite handle1hold
ZQ2810RBBone knife240×12,Round blade (inner blade),Bakelite handle1hold
ZQ2811RBBone knife240×12,Round blade (outer edge),Bakelite handle1hold